Dog portraits by North Vancouver’s Studio Two Photography

We love our dogs here in North Vancouver and around the world! Although my website is primarily women and business portraits, I thought I would share some of the many doggie portraits I’ve taken over the years.

As a subject, you would think they would be very difficult, but the opposite is true. A two year old is probably harder to deal with in the studio. Dogs if they are trained to do so, will sit and stay on command…..unlike little “Jimmy”.

Our precious fur babies only last on average 15 years or so… goes much too quick… document their lives while you can, show the expressions and funny little habits, make yourself a video

and for a classic headshot you will display on your wall (it will make you smile with every passing) and cherish forever, come and see me.

portrait of a dog by studio two photography

dog portrait by studio two photography

woman with her dog by studio two photography

dog and woman portrait

sleeping dog portrait

dog sleeping portrait

woman holding her dog by studio two photography

woman holding her dog

dog kisses by North vancouvers Studio Two Photography

dog kisses by studio two photography

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