Real customers ask questions……and I answer them!

I’m not photogenic

“I just get awkward and nervous in front of the camera and so the results are not usually great!  Tamara made me feel so at home and secure that this experience was amazing.”  

I hear this often and as a female professional I promise to guide you every step of the way with expert poses and fabulous lighting.

I’m not sure what I should wear

“It was awesome to get done up like that and be someone else for a few hours.” 

“With such patience and kindness Tamara guided me on my clothing choices.”

I will look at your clothes and choose what will photograph best. Check out my Pinterest Page. (studiotwophoto)

I’m nervous in front of the camera

“Tamara made me feel so at home and secure that this experience was amazing.”

“You are so professional and knowledgeable, but more importantly your warm, kind hearted nature made it such a comfortable and pleasurable experience to work with you.”

You will be amazed by how quickly you feel comfortable, I ‘ll keep you laughing!

Will I like the results?

“. . . the make-up artist/stylist did a beautiful job and gave me a great makeover!” 

“. . . they look WONDERFUL!” 

“My pictures are better than I expected or could imagine”

My clients love their images and I guarantee you will too! You only buy what you love! It’s my job to make you look fabulous.

Can my family to join me?

“. . . my entire family enjoyed the session as you quickly put them at ease.” 

Have your husband, mother, sister or children join you to create beautiful and elegant family portraits.

Why should I have an Elegance experience?

“I would want my friends to have the great experience that we did.”

“From start to finish, this was truly a wonderful day for me and I really appreciate this.”

“Truly an experience I won’t soon forget.”

“It was the most wonderful and empowering experience I’ve ever given myself.”

As women it’s important to be IN the photographs, because usually we are taking them.

You deserve this! Create a legacy for your family or yourself!

Why choose Tamara at  Studio Two Photography?

“It was easy to select you especially after meeting you at the consultation.”

“I have felt so beautiful and alive since that day, I truly look at myself differently now.”

I truly believe I can see your beauty and show it to you in a new way.

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